Differently Able Project

This project is implemented within QADER’S Economic Empowerment Programme, and with the support of DROSOS Foundation. It aims to enhance the labor market inclusion opportunities for persons with disabilities in south of the West Bank in the Governorates of Hebron, Bethlehem, and Jericho over a period of 36 months, targeting 250 persons with disabilities through the project’s multi components.

This project introduces a model of economic empowerment for PwD in Palestine through establishment of the first Hub for Entrepreneurship and Skills Development for PwD, that utilizes an integrated approach for enhancing the access of PwD to labor market inclusion opportunities, and will entail the following components:

  • Research & Advocacy: This component focuses on the research and investigation of issues and factors related to the inclusion of PwD into the labor market. The results, findings, lessons learnt will be utilized as a base for advocacy and collaboration with key stakeholders on enhancing the effectiveness of labor market inclusion related policies and programs emphasizing the Disability Inclusive Development Approach (DIDA).
  • Entrepreneurship and talents development: Supporting and preparing entrepreneurs advance and consolidate their business ideas and startup their own businesses through providing essential entrepreneurial skills, capital, and coaching. This will also entail the facilitation of access to finance and specialized business incubators and accelerators. On the other hand, talented PwD will be supported within a comprehensive development plan to further develop their talents and connect them with various platforms to invest it in empowering their economic capacities and life improvement.
  • Employability Skills Development: This component will focus on enhancing the employability of PwD through equipping them with needed job readiness and employability skills and offering internship / apprenticeship opportunities in the private sector, local authorities and NGOs. Also, it will support PwD to develop certain technical or vocational skills through joining TVET programs.
  • Community-Based Social Businesses: A pilot social business in farming will be established in Jericho, building on the long partnership with Jericho Community Center. This social business will enhance training and employment opportunities for PwD who are not able to join formal education or TVET programs. Mainly persons with intellectual disabilities will benefit from such social business. This approach is widely spread in many European countries and proved successful models of intellectual disabilities skills employability.