Networks & Coalitions

QADER believes that networks and coalitions are important and influential bodies, as they can be more influential in gaining legitimacy and creating the desired change at the level of donors, other civil society organizations and public authorities. Joining the various national and sectoral coalitions is of great importance, beginning with the participation in the impact on priority issues and the issues of human rights for marginalized groups, and secondly to deepen this impact through collective advocacy and advocacy processes aimed at achieving a real change in the various issues affecting the lives of Palestinians in general, and the targeted groups in particular.

And from this point of view, QADER has worked over the past years to complete its active role in the coalitions it has joined previously, and to identify our lobbying and advocacy orientation, and focusing on the impact we wishes to have on the teamwork level, where QADER has joined a number of coalitions and networks that reaches mutual currents and future agendas and directions, with the aim of enabling us to engage more intensively and effectively in governance processes, policy dialogue, improving the quality of work and accountability to partners and the local public, in addition to strengthening cooperation with the public authorities at the local and national levels.