Entrepreneurship and Skills Development HUB

The Q-HUB is a unique platform and innovation space designated for persons with disabilities (PwD), both females and males, to support them fulfill their rights and aspiration to be economically productive and independent.

The Q-HUB offers an integrated services and opportunities for PwD including orientation, training, coaching, mentorship, networking, access to finance, and seed funding when available.

Our ultimate goal to support PwD to enjoy and fulfill their economic rights, be productive and contribute to the national economy on equal grounds with others, within a society that respects diversity and inclusion.


Who Can Apply to Participate in the HUB

Youth with disabilities, both males and females, who have passion and aspiration to develop their skills and competencies in order to join the labor market and be economically productive.


How You Can Join the Labor Market 

The Q-HUB adopts an integrated model to support the inclusion of PwD in the labor market, which includes; wage employment, self-employment, and online freelancing. The HUB also promotes specific social business models that offer PwD training and employment opportunities.


What We Offer

The Q-HUB offers opportunities for YwD to:

- Develop their soft skills, job-readiness skills, and entrepreneurship skills.

- Obtain internship opportunities in the labor market.

- Obtain Business development services.

- Training and support YwD to develop their talents ans use these special skills to become their main source of income.

- Acquire the needed knowledge and skills to enter the online work domain and online freelancing marketplaces.

- Obtain grants and seed-funding for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses.

- Have a facilitated access to finance, and legal assistance to entrepreneurs.

- Match YwD entrepreneurs with potential investors, through business meetings, events and exhibitions.

- Incubation and co-working space.



The Q-HUB adopts a comprehensive approach for supporting the employability of YwD which entails, providing intensive training on life skills and job readiness skills, enhancing their technical skills where needed through cooperation with different TVET institutions, and supporting them with internship opportunities in the labor market through engagement with potential employers.

The HUB also engages with employers to assess accessibility and support workplace awareness raising on disability rights and inclusion.



The Q-HUB supports PwD entrepreneurs who have business ideas and the required competencies to establish their own businesses through the provision of a range of services and support that includes: training and coaching, business development services, technical assistance, networking, mentorship, business events, exhibitions, as well as facilitating their access to finance through offering grants and financial assistance. Additionally, Q-HUB offers a co-working spaces, where YwD can use to develop their businesses.


Online Freelancing

Online freelancing platforms are deemed a perfect fit for PwD to obtain job opportunities. The Q-HUB enables the interested participants to expand their skills in relation to the different online freelancing platforms; how to register, obtain bids and other needed skills to deal with the different platforms through intensive training sessions and peer mentorship. Furthermore, the Hub may offer financial assistance for selected participants to upgrade their skills and competencies to meet the requirements of the online freelancing opportunities.



The Q-HUB offers  YwD who are gifted with special talents in various domains (Music, Sport, Art, Writing…etc) opportunities to develop their talent though partnership woth other experts in their field in order to transform their talent to an income generating skill.


Co-working space.

Q-Hub offers interactive space, where not only the designed activates and trainings are conducted, but also the Hub offers co-working space for the YwD to meet, interact with each other, and use the Hub’s resources including its database, space and equipment. This space is perfect for the new YwD entrepreneurs who do no have a permanent job address to conduct their meetings.

The Hub interactive space includes; administrative office, training room, computer lab, small meeting areas designed to be a co-working space, library and attached facilities.


Legal Assistance

The Hub offers legal assistance for  YwD in the following areas:

- Consultation on work agreements with future employers.

- Consultation on teh official company registration process.

- Consultation on investment agreements and the legal process for investment.

- Other needed legal consultations.