Combating Gender Based Violence - Violence Against Women


"Combating Gender Based Violence” was a joint project implemented by the Psycho-Social Counseling Center for Women in partnership with QADER for Community Development and the Palestinian Non-governmental organizationsn against domestic violence aginst Women - Al Muntada, funded by the United Nation Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. The project was implemented from 2015-2017 in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs (Women's Department, Disability Department  the Social Welfare Department, and Women’s Shelters, Mehwar & Girls shelter), the Palestinian Police (Family Protection Unit, Juvenile-Girls Unit), and the Public Prosecution.

Project Objectives:

  • Contributing towards achieving justice and a decent life for women survivors of violence, especially women with disabilities.
  • Improving the legislative system that regulates the rights of women in general and the rights of wome victims of violence.
  • Developing the capacity of service providing organizations to women victims of violence in an effective and more responsive manner to their needs, and enhancing women's access to various social, psychological and legal services.
  • Supporting the implementation of national and local laws, policies, strategies and practical plans related to stopping murder and violence against women in general and women with disabilities in particular across all governorates.
  • Reviewing and amending the relevant laws from the perspective of disability, including the Penal Code, the Personal Status Law, the Family Protection Law, and the National Transfer System "Takamul".
  • Developing the capabilities of the relevant organizations who provide social and legal services, including the Ministry of Social Affairs, Women’s Shelters, Police and Public Prosecution.
  • Raising the community’s awareness about violence against women and the various services available to victims of violence, in an effort to improve their access to various services.

Project activities and outputs:

  • Raising awareness about women’s protection services, especially in rural areas.
  • Developing the procedures followed in dealing with cases of violence against women and women with disabilities.
  • Building the capacities of the family protection units staff, by designing and implementing a specialized training and developmental workshops related to the nature of their work in the field of gender and disability.
  • Activating the executive procedures for referral system, which will facilitate the work of all parties who are working with women.
  • Raising community awareness about the referral system and violence against women in all governorates.
  • Assesing the services provided for women and the geographical scope that is covered by service providers in the field of ​​women’s protection.
  • Revising the Penal Code, Personal Status Law, Family Law and the Juvenile Law, in line with the needs of women with disabilities
  • Review the procedures of women’s shelters (Mehwar Center and Girls Shelter) and verify the effectiveness of these mechanisms in protecting women and girls, thus ensuring protection and social reintegration for them.
  • Reviewing the impact of social security and social protection policies on women and specifically women with disabilities.