Social Equity Empowering people with Disability - SEED


"Social Equity Empowering people with Disability - SEED" Project is a development project supported by The Italias Association for Solidarity Among PEople (AISPO). Project activities began in 2012,The project supports number of interventions that leads to tangible results that affects persons with disabilities’ lives. The activities include conducting trainings to severe and complex persons with disabilities caregivers, in addition to inclusive education consoler on MOVE Methodology, as it is a movement program, designed to people with complex and severe disability, it enables them to obtain the skills needed to stand, sit and walk to increase their mobility skills and self-reliance. In addition to advocate disability issues and awareness, plus adopting the legal and social concept of disability and empowerment, and disseminate the Teachers’ Advisory Manual and adopt its application in all schools, to raise the community awareness about persons with disability, their issues, and their rights.


Project objectives:

The Peoject aimed at enhancing and empowering persons with disabilities to their rights, through focusing on education and rehabilitation

Target group:

Persons with disabilities in rehabilitation centers and schools, and those who work with them, including caregivers, teachers and educational counselors.


Project activities and outpots:

The MOVE programme

  • A training course about MOVE methodology was conducted in the Four Homes of Mercy in Bethany, as it houses children and adults with severe disability.
  • Provide the Four Homes of Mercy with the needed technical aids to apply MOVE programme
  • Christine Shaw, international MOVE methodology trainer conducted a training of trainers for 7 participants.
  • Several activities were conducted for the Four Homes of Mercy residents, especially children. As children were happy and participated actively.

Teacher Advisory Manual 

  • Through Ministry of education, copies of the manual were distributes to 8 directorates, as they distributed them to the schools in their directorate.
  • Eight trainings were conducted about the manual and its application in schools. And the possibility of applying it during classes. The training targeted teachers, consolers, and inclusive education consolers.
  • Follow up visits were conducted to the following Directorates: 4 schools in Nablus, 2 schools in Jenin, 4 schools in Bethlehem, 6 schools in Hebron (North, Middle, and south), 2 schools in Jericho, and 2 schools in Ramallah.
  • The needed stationary was distributed to schools to facilitate the application of the activities