QADER holds a seminar about disability policies

QADER holds a seminar about disability policies
23 March, 2013

QADER for community development held a seminar entitled “National Disability Policies... Practical steps toward change” in 21/2/2013. This seminar comes within a series of seminars that advocates for people with disabilities’  (PwD) issues, comes as part of the preparation for development of QADER’s advocacy document, , in addition to forming a committee to prepare for a national conference on advocacy for PwD rights in Palestine.

Representatives of several organizations participated in the seminar, including civil society organizations and relevant ministries.

QADER's Director General, Mrs. Lana Bandak, welcomed the participants and pointed out to the importance of such activities and the belief in collaborations toward for achieving change.

 Following that, Mr. Adnan Ramadan, Advocacy & Media Specialist at QADER, presented an analysis of the situation of PwD in Palestine; in addition to illustrating the principles, values and policies that QADER follows in its work.

 Panelists, Adv. Farid Al-Atrash, representative of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights, and Mr. Ziad Amro, representative of the Supreme Council of PwD presented key note speeches about national and international laws and policies on concerning PwD rights and issues, and the status of national plans and budgets with respects to disability.

 Following that, participants contributed to the key topics of the seminars with their viewpoints and some inquires.

It is worth mentioning that this seminar was organized as part of the project” Social Empowerment & Equality for PwD – SEED” implemented in partnership with AISPO and funded by the Italian Cooperation.