QADER holds a seminar on advocacy strategies for PwD.

23 March, 2013

On Wednesday 20/3/2013 QADER for Community Development held a seminar entitled “Advocacy strategies for persons with disabilities (PwD)” in the presence of representatives of persons with disabilities and their organizations and representatives from relevant government ministries and some representatives of the local communities and institutions working in this area as well as some of media journalists and interested parties.

Mr. Adnan Ramadan – Media and Advocacy specialist at QADER, welcomed the participants and pointed out to the importance of thinking and analyzing problems as a group prior to the implementation of joint activities which fosters social movement that goes beyond individual efforts of involved organizations. He summarized the main recommendations that came out in the previous seminars, and asserted QADER’s commitments in working together with organization to advocate PwD rights.

Mrs. Hana Al-Qaimry , Director General of the General Administration of PwD Affairs (GADPA) at the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) spoke about building partnerships to put PwD issues on decision-makers’ agenda. She also pointed out to the ministry’s philosophy and vision in providing a descent life, sustainable development, rights and justice without discrimination. While Mr. Hasan Abd Al-Jawad, Palestinian Journalists Union, spoke about the role of media in advocating PwD issues. Mrs. Rana Rasheed, Representative of Ministry of Education, connoted to raising awareness on PwD issues, and she presented the philosophy and some working platforms towards Students with Disabilities (SwD), as she also presented facts and indicators on changes in education sector during recent years.

Participants spoke about on different strategies and propositions, importance of exchanging experiences and benefiting from other countries in this field, and the necessity to overcome conflicts in policies of various ministries and authorities in addressing the issues of PwD. Another issue which was paid great attention to, was PwD sports as a strategy of awareness, in addition to the need of raising the level of communication with media. The participants showed an interest in cooperating to organize a National Conference for disability to advocate PwD rights, through forming a committee involving all participants in the seminars.

At the end, Mrs. Lana Bandak, QADER’s director general, thanked all organizations and individuals for their efforts, participation, and commitment. Mrs. Lana asserted on QADER’s continuous commitment on working with all partners to support this issue.

It is worth mentioning that this seminar was organized as part of the project” Social Empowerment & Equality for PwD – SEED” implemented in partnership with AISPO and funded by the Italian Cooperation.