QADER’s work is governed by a system of high values that the institution is committed to apply in its practices and orientations of its leadership, management and staff:


Human dignity: QADER believes in the right of all Palestinians to live in prosperity and happiness and enjoy the results of development in various fields. Respect for and dignity of the individual is a right, and this is achieved by satisfying, protecting and providing for all basic needs regardless of human beliefs, social or health status, disability or gender.

Equality and social justice: The institution is committed to treat all individuals or groups, whether beneficiaries or employees, as equal under the umbrella of equal opportunity, i.e. practicing positive discrimination for persons with disabilities and those who are less fortunate, such as the poor, women and children, or marginalized populations in some geographical areas, based on an announced and written policy. QADER is also committed to work against discrimination on the basis of religion, political, family, geographical, gender, social background, disability, etc. All Palestinians have the right to enjoy all their rights without discrimination.

Professionalism and commitment: QADER’s leadership and staff work within the highest standards of professionalism and clarity of methodologies. The organization is committed to national policies and laws governing the work of NGOs.

Participation: QADER is committed to ensuring the participation of all groups, especially the marginalized, as a real opportunity for effective development. Everyone has the right to participate in society in parallel with others. To achieve effective participation, the organization provides procedures, methods, systems and tools to ensure the engagement of groups, especially the marginalized, as well as staff, the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, including their participation in identifying needs, developing strategies and action plans, as well as providing advice and recommendations.

Integrity, Transparency and Accountability: The organization is committed to the values of integrity entailing honesty, and sincerity in work. QADER adheres to the principle of avoiding conflict of interest, public interest, in addition to absolute transparency based on the principle of the right to know related to communicating information to stakeholders, in order to ensure openness with the public authority and beneficiaries about QADER’s activities, procedures, decisions and policies. QADER also provides the right information to the public and adheres to professional standards and rules on financial transparency.

Boldness: Daring to put forward ideas, demands, and social accountability based on grounds of evidence and objectivity for fulfilling the rights and achieving inclusion and participation for all.