Online Freelancing

Online Freelancing

Online Freelancing: a wide space for the employment of youth with disabilities

As the world is witnessing a great boom in technological development, technology has come to play a major role in the local and global labor market. With the presence of global communication channels, it has become increasingly possible to contract and implement specific tasks remotely between those with skills and service seekers from institutions and individuals around the world, without the need to follow the traditional recruitment and contracting steps. It has become possible through freelance online platforms, which offer a number of employment opportunities in various fields including; writing, translation, programming, design, etc., allowing people with a variety of competencies and experiences to work remotely, easily and conveniently, with different clients from around the world.

Online freelance work is defined as independent job opportunities, where specific tasks are carried out during a certain period that the skill holder and the service applicant agree upon without the need to contract traditionally. Accordingly, communication and agreement between the two parties is done via the Internet. Online freelance work opportunities offer flexibility and freedom for people with specific skills to be able to work on their own without the need to commit to a specific job in a place or long working hours within an institution or company. On the contrary, freelance work via the Internet offers flexible job opportunities that meet the needs of the workers, so that the applicant can design the nature of their work suitable for them. In addition, this type of work has a role in facilitating the path towards financial independence, as it provides unlimited profit from working with several clients from around the world.

Due to the large numbers of graduates and unemployed in Palestine, getting a job has become a difficult task, especially for youth with disabilities. It is difficult to find a job that meets their ambitions and competence and at the same time fits their own needs and requirements. However, with the many opportunities and flexibility provided by freelance work via the Internet, persons with disabilities can obtain flexible work opportunities, choose jobs that suit their skills and abilities, and organize their work in the most appropriate way for them in terms of time and place.

Within QADER’s Economic Empowerment Program and within the framework of the Leadership and Skills Development Center (Q-HUB), QADER is seeking to find the best ways to achieve economic empowerment for youth with disabilities that meets their specific needs, as well as the needs of the local and global markets. Believing in the promising future of web-based freelance work and adapting it to the needs of youth with disabilities, QADER supports participants in the project to seek work via the internet by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills that enables them to deal with local, regional and international platforms. It further supports and develops their capabilities and technical skills as well as networking with various entities to help them get work contracts.

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