Institutional Capacity Building in Favor of General Administrative of Persons with disabilities’ Affairs – Ministry of Social Affairs

About the project:

Through the joint project between QADER for Community Development, and within the framework of the municipalities support projects in the social sector, in the beginning of 2011, the Ministry of Social Affairs received a financial grant from the Palestinian Municipalities Support Program (the Italian government) through the Ministry of Local Governance, to implement a project entitled “Institutional Capacity Building in Favor of General Administration of Persons with Disabilities’ Affairs" project. The project incorporates two main components: the first involves supporting the general administration to monitor and facilitate the implementation of a model for developing the responsibilities and duties of local authorities in several municipalities in the Hebron, Bethlehem and Jericho governorates; while the second involves the institutional capacity building in favor of general administration on the level of organization and programming, based on the comprehensive development plan set forth by the Ministry of Social Affairs, and the social prevention sector strategy. In this context, the project was implemented in partnership with QADER as the Ministry technical partner.

 The general goal of the project

To contribute to improving the living standard of persons with disabilities, promote their social, economic, cultural and political reality, and contribute to the development and institutionalization of the work of the social sector to serve persons with disabilities.


Project results

First pillar: active participation of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the General Administration of Persons with Disabilities in implementing the model.

Second pillar: developing the abilities and capacities of the General Administration of Persons with Disabilities.


The added value of this project in supporting the local authorities’ model

  • Follow-up to the work of the community centers in partner local authorities and supervise the quality of services provided.
  • Service purchase agreements signed between by Social Affairs and partner local authorities, where Ministry of Social Affairs purchase the service for about 20 – 30 children in each community center.
  • Strengthening the relationship between Social Affairs directorates with the partner community centers and promote their cooperation in the framework of complementary and fair services for people with disabilities and their families.