MOVE is a specialized programme to train children with severe and complex disabilities to achieve independence, dignity, and holistic lifestyles for both the individuals with disabilities and their families through improving their motor functioning skills. The program is based on an internationally recognized methodology that was adopted by QADER in 2009, and has since obtained the exclusive right to disseminate this methodology, conduct trainings and supervise its application in Palestine and neighboring Arab countries.

During 2019, QADER introduced this methodology to Gaza Strip, specifically to House of Peace  (Missionary of Charities), in order to help them adopt this methodology and work to implement it with children with severe and complex disabilities. This project was implemented in partnership with the Catholic Relief Services, and with the support of Caritas Germany.


Project objectives:

Empowering children with severe and complex disabilities to have control over their lives and to reach active participation in their home, school, and social life.


Target group:

18 children with severe  and complex disabilities, and their service providers.


Target area:

Gaza Strip


Project activities and outputs:

  •   Visiting the House of Peace in Gaza for an initial assessment.
  •   Hiring a specialized staff in: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Special Education.
  •   Procuring and delivering the necessary rehabilitation equipment to implement the methodology.
  •   Conduct a training workshop on the MOVE methodology for the staff.
  •   Supervision and technical follow-up on the staff.