QADER Youth Delegation Finished a Cultural Exchange Trip to Syria

30 January, 2019

After interactive visit to the Syrian Arab Republic, QADER’s youth delegation came back home. The visit lasted for nine days. The delegation consisted of fourteen young men and women with disabilities. The group visited a number of developmental and cultural institutions dealing with issues of persons with disabilities in Syria, in addition, to some of the historical monuments and tourist sites there. The exchange was part of the “Leadership of Persons with Disabilities” project. It is implemented by QADER for Community Development in cooperation with AISPO the Italian NGO and funded by the Italian Cooperation.

The delegation has visited each of Bissan for Community Development, Palestinian cultural library, Cinema club, the Palestinian Cultural Center, and the Palestinian Center for Culture and Arts, Sama Center, Shajara center for the Palestinian heritage and the Palestinian Center for Development and Innovation (Bayader). The delegation represented QADER’s vision and the status of disability in Palestine. The program included some training activities that were carried out by Ziad Amro, the Director of the Advocacy and Empowerment Unite, at QADER organization. There were a group of young Palestinians in Syria who participated in the activities.

Members of the delegation and their hosts stressed out the importance of such a visit, so both sides can exchange expertise and experiences related to the rights of persons with disabilities and mechanisms of empowerment. It assists in raising the level of knowledge and awareness and builds closer relations between them.

At the end of the visit, the group organized a ceremony in honor of the institutions that cooperated in facilitating the visit to Syria, the success of its program, and the volunteers who accompanied the delegation from the moment they arrived in Damascus until the moment of departure.