Inclusion of disability in UNRWA programs and services Training

23 February, 2019

QADER conducted a training program for UNRWA employees about the inclusion of disability in UNRWA's programs and services.The training constructed 30 workshop for about 600 employees from different departments; Health, Small Fund, Architecture, Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Human resources, in addition to Vocational Training Centers and institutes' employees, Mental Health Program, Social Work program Job Creation program, and Projects support office. The training addressed the following topics: disability concept, working with persons with disabilities Models, National and international legal framework of persons with disabilities rights, and the inclusion of the needs and rights of persons with disabilities in services and programs. The training was based on active participation methodology, as it included group activities that contributed into gaining knowledge and skills. After the completion of the training program, a detailed report was submitted with specific suggestions about how to initializing the rights and needs of persons with disabilities in the different departments.