4 Palestinian Municipalities Sign Agreements with the PMSP

26 June, 2010

On the 24th of June 2010, The Palestinian Municipalities Support Program (PMSP) and the Municipalities of Idna, Yatta, Halhoul and Beit Fajjar signed agreements at QADER’s main office. The signed agreements are with a total cost of two million and two hundred thousand Euros that aim to institutionalize the rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities.

Mr. Antonio La Rocca, the Program Manager of PMSP, on the behalf of the Italian partners, signed the agreement with Mr. Ziyad Abu Yousef the Mayor of Halhoul, Mr. Jamal Tumeizi the Mayor of Idna, Mr. Zahran Abu Qbeeta the Mayor of Yatta and Mr. Ahmed Thawabteh the Mayor of Beit Fajjar in the presence of Ms. Lana Bandak, the General Director of QADER and Mr. George Mansour, the Executive Director.

The projects which will be implemented in partnership with QADER for Community Development will work on institutionalizing the rehabilitation services to be part of the municipalities’ responsibility in cooperation with local, governmental and nongovernmental entities. The potential number of beneficiaries of these projects will reach up till more than 150,000 inhibitals. All parties were pleased and highly motivated to start the implementation process.