QADER Opens A Temporary Nursery for Employees’ Children

QADER Opens A Temporary Nursery for Employees’ Children
07 September, 2020

The staff of QADER for Community Development inaugurated a temporary nursery at the organization’s headquarters in Beit Jala, which was created in order to help the employees have a safe and close space for their children in light of the spread of COVID-19 in Palestine.  

There was an urgent need for this nursery due to the challenges facing QADER’s employees in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic that affected numerous aspects of life, especially with regard to their ability to take care of their children and send them to a safe nursery nearby, especially in conjunction with the quarantine.

Having this nursery in the building allows the employees to be with their children during breaks, which enhances the psychological, health and social wellbeing of the child and their parents.

We wish everyone safety and we hope that collectively we will overcome this pandemic and return to normal life as soon as possible.