QADER Participates in the 2019 Shadow Report Training

QADER Participates in the 2019 Shadow Report Training
03 February, 2019

Bethlehem- QADER for Community Development participated in a specialized training on the participation of organizations for persons with disabilities in the process of reviewing the report on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Palestine, which is reviewed by the United Nations International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities committee.

This training was organized by the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation and the Palestinian General Union of People with Disabilities, Bethlehem Branch, under the framework of the Palestinian Disability Coalition.

QADER participated in this qualitative training along with a number of organizations active in the field of disability and more than 23 rights activists  for persons with disabilities and workers in institutions and organizations affiliated with the Palestinian Disability Coalition.

The 3-day training was held in the Bethlehem Governorate. The purpose of the training was to help participants develop a clear understanding of the review process followed by a presentation by the CRPD Committee who highlighted all the participation opportunities available for organizations of persons with disabilities.

The training provided in-depth and formal considerations to finalize the preparation of the shadow report by organizations who provide services to persons with disabilities, which is submitted to the CRPD committee. It also provided understanding of the links between the 2030 agenda, which are the sustainable development goals and the CRPD, and how to enhance integration and harmony between them.

The training tackled many issues and topics related to the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the process of preparing the shadow report in relation to the Palestinian reality. Among these topics are: the provisions within international agreements and general comments to clarify some of these items, as well as the most important technical and objective considerations that should be taken into account by disability organizations in the process of drafting the shadow report.

Furthermore, the training addressed the most important skills, considerations, and communication rules that must be adhered to when discussing the report with the United Nations CRPD Committee, as human rights organizations and organizations of persons with disabilities participate in public discussion sessions and closed discussion sessions when reviewing the state's report on the convention.

It is noteworthy that this training was carried out in coordination with the International Disability Coalition, and it was delivered by an international expert, Sylvia K., advisor to the International Disability Alliance and a former member in the United Nations CRPD committee.

This training will also be held by the Palestinian Disability Coalition to organizations and institutions in Gaza Strip within the next few days.

This training is the offspring of the efforts made by the Palestinian Disability Coalition to develop the capacity of institutions and enhance the skills of persons with disabilities to start the process of preparing the shadow report, of which the first draft will be completed this year. QADER seeks to participate in this process, alongside the rest of the institutions that work in the field of disability in Palestine.