QADER Receives Certification of Compliance for their Code of Conduct

QADER Receives Certification of Compliance for their Code of Conduct
13 February, 2018

Ramallah – Along with other Palestinian NGOs, QADER for Community Development received a certificate of compliance for Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct at a ceremony that was held in Ramallah. The ceremony was organized by the NGO Development Center (NDC) at the Royal Court Hotel and via video conference with Save the Children headquarters in Gaza.

The NDC approved QADER’s eligibility to obtain this certification after passing a voluntary self-assessment as part of "Child Right Governance" project for Save the children, in order to build the capacities of its' partner organizations.

The Code of Conduct is considered as a regulatory framework that includes the standards of business ethics and behavior within the work of institutions. This code defines for the boards of directors and employees a set of procedures and values that must be observed during the performance of their duties.

Over the past few years, a standardized Palestinian NGO Code of Conduct was developed through the Civic Coalition for the Code of Conduct, which included in its membership the Palestinian NGOs Network, the General Palestinian Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations-Gaza, the Palestinian Union for Charitable Societies, and the National Association for NGOs.

This council was formed in 2014, and aimed to strengthen the capacity of the private sector in order to have a higher level of effectiveness, accountability and transparency, and encourage institutions to address their weaknesses that impede their growth and continued impact. Further, the council aspires to strengthen the capacity of civil society institutions to practice good governance and good management, and to create a network among them to increase the effectiveness of their work.