QADER aspires that Persons with disabilities, both females and males, enjoy full citizenship, and are able to participate in building a thrived community in Palestine.

QADER believes in the principle of equality that all Palestinian citizens must enjoy their rights without any discrimination or exclusion, while emphasizing all the special rights that persons with disabilities must enjoy to ensure their full inclusion and active participation at all levels, pursuant to local laws and international human rights conventions. 

QADER considers the concept of citizenship for persons with disabilities based on three key pillars and values:

  • First: Right of choice and self-determination: The right of persons with disabilities to freedom of choice for all issues relating to their own lives.
  • Second: Real participation: This is to ensure their effective and real participation in social, economic, political,  and cultural life on the basis of equity and equality principles.
  • Third: Contribution: It entails the contribution of persons with disabilities in social, economic, political, and cultural spheres, and their contribition in building a thrived community, without any diminution of their ability or potentials.