Enhancing the Protection of Women with Disabilities from Economic Violence Initiative


Partners-Jordan and Innovation for Change offers a Training programme for Trainers on advocacy and campaign implementation, the programme aims to build the capacity of civil society actors to develop advocacy programmes aimed at defending the issues of civil space protection and human rights. And to develop participants' skills in the strategic planning of advocacy campaigns, as well as to adopt and formulate successful and influential advocacy tactics. In 2019 QADER has participated in this programme, and “Enhancing the Protection of Women with Disabilities from Economic Violence” Initiative was the product of this participation.


Initiative Objective:

The initiative aimed at raising the capacities of a goup of women with disabilities to conduct research and monitor violations against women with disabilities in the southern West Bank.


Target group:

A group of girls / women with disabilities who are active in defending the rights of women with disabilities.


Target area:

Hebron Governorate


nitiative activities and outputs:

  •  A group of 6 women / girls with disabilities from Hebron was formed.
  •  The group was trained and empowered on the rights of persons with disabilities, with a focus on economic rights and economic violence, and the preparation of qualitative data collection, principles and mechanisms of implementing individual interviews and preparing case studies.
  • The group, under the supervision of QADER, conducted a field study on the context and possibilities of women and girls with disabilities to being exposed to economic violence in the Hebron governorate. A qualitative methodology was used to complete this study by selecting a sample of 14 women with disabilities in Hebron Governorate.