QADER and Ministry of Health Signs a Memorandum of Cooperation

01 October, 2015

Dr. Jawad Awwad Minister of Health, and Dr. Ahmed Fteiha QADER’s chairman signed a memorandum of cooperation for 3 years to work on several issues concerning the promotion of the Ministry’s role in Children protection from violence and maltreatment specially children with disabilities. This memorandum comes in the framework of the project “Inclusive Development in Education, Protection and Health” implemented in partnership with the Italian Association for Solidarity among People – AISPO, and funded by The Italian Development Cooperation Agency, and upon on the Ministry’s priorities in promoting protection for children and children with disabilities.

Under this Memorandum, QADER and Ministry of Health will cooperate on several issues including the development of child protection system for the Ministry, training MoH doctors and nurses about child protection, and developing a computerized data base on child protection as an integral part of the National Health System already adopted by the Ministry.