Palestinian Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) call for the protection of the Palestinian people.

Palestinian Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) call for the protection of the Palestinian people.
10 October, 2023

The ongoing Israeli occupations nonproportional attacks against protected civilians in the Gaza Strip constitutes a war crime. The Israeli occupation, as the occupying power, has a legal responsibility to ensure the protection of the lives and wellbeing of the protected Palestinian civilians in times of war.

The attacks by the Israeli occupation forces have claimed the lives of over 493 Palestinians in the Gaza strip (including wiping out entire families and the lives of 91 children and 61 women) and 12 Palestinians in the West Bank (including two children) thus far. Morover, 2751 Palestinians have been severely injured.

The international community has consistently voiced condemnation of the Israeli occupation’s violations of palestinian’s basic human rights. Nevertheless, the governmental occupation has continued to expand unchecked, not suffering any consequences.

The long-standing blockade imposed on Gaza has created severe humanitarian crises. The blockade has left Palestinians in Gaza struggling with dire circumstances, fueling their determination to seek justice.

The recent attacks imposed by the Israeli occupation have resulted in the forced displacement of tens of thousands Palestinian citizens in Gaza, pushing them to internal displacement in UNRWA schools.

The occupation implemented a decision to cut power to the Gaza Strip, causing distressing effects on healthcare facilities. Gaza's already-strained healthcare infrastructure, due to the blockade, is now further burdened, posing a larger threat to countless lives.

The targeting of ambulances and hospitals by Israel constitutes a violation of international law, inflicting severe health repercussions. Gaza, lacking the essential healthcare resources to respond effectively to such crises, faces further humanitarian consequences.

The Israeli closure of the West Bank, including the closing of the only international border crossing between the West Bank and Jordan, and the closure of the various illegal checkpoints in the occupied West Bank, thus isolating entire cities and villages from the rest of the Palestinian

communities in the occupied West Bank, is another example of the systematic violations of Palestinians rights to movement and freedom. Illegal settlers in the West Bank, on the contrary, are granted freedom of movement and travel, indicating an implementation of a two-tier apartheid regime by Israel.

The Israeli occupation attacks on holy sites in Jerusalem have been another source of provocation. These attacks are sponsored and led by the most extreme elements in the Israeli occupation government. The halt of these attacks are of utmost importance.

We place full responsibility on the Israeli occupation for the well-being and safety of Palestinians living in the occupied Palestinian territories. We urgently request that the international community and United Nations take immediate and effective actions to put significant pressure on Israel occupation to stop its offensive actions in Gaza, ending forcibly displacement of people in the occupied West Bank, protect the lives of civilians, prevent any further loss of life, provide urgent humanitarian assistance to address the consequences of ongoing aggression, and halt the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

We also call on the international community to protect the civilians and pressure Israel to comply with the international law outlined in the Geneva Conventions, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention that focuses on protecting civilians during conflicts and occupation. Additionally, we emphasize the need for an immediate cessation of organized attacks on holy sites.

We consider the flagrant unconditional support the U.S and European officials are offering Israel occupation while ignoring the plight of the Palestinian people as complicity in Israeli human rights violations and crimes against humanity, including the crime of apartheid. It is the international community's failure to hold the Israel occupation accountable for its crimes that have led to the current situation.

In this context, it is crucial to emphasize that the root causes of these events is the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel. Ending the occupation and ensuring the right of the Palestinian people to obtain their freedom are fundamental imperatives. It is the duty of countries worldwide to actively work toward ending this occupation.

To express agreement with this document, each organization is expected to sign below:

1. Palestinian Non-Govermental organizations Network – PNGO

2. AMAN Coalition for Accountability and Integrity

3. Palestinian NGO forum for combating violence against women (Almuntada)


5. Sharek Youth Forum



6. Bisan Centre for Research and Development

7. Human Rights and Democracy Media center SHAMS

8. Palestinian center gor Development and Media Freedoms (MADA)

9. Filastiniyat

10. Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development PWWSD

11. Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counselling

12. Center for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights “Hurryyat”

13. Addameer for prisoner support and human rights

14. General Union of Cultural Centers

15. Union of Palestinian Women Committees

16. Jerusalem Legal Aid Center

17. Arab world democracy and electoral monitor (Almarsad)

18. MA’AN Development Center

19. Women’s Studies Centre (WSC)

20. YWCA Palestine

21. Palestinian Youth Union – PYU

22. Palestinian initiative for the prolotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy - MIFTAH

23. MUSAWA- The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession

24. The Civil Commission for the independence of Judiciary and Rule of Law (ISTIQLAL)

25. Palestinian Medical Relief Society – PMRS

26. Health Work Committees Palestine 27. Psycho social counseling center for women

28. QADER for Community Development

29. Land Research Center

30. WOMEN'S Affairs Technical Committee


32. Hadded Hadfak Assocation

33. AlZahraa Charity 34. Wasel center for youth development

35. The national societyfor rehabilitation

36. Dr.Haider Abdel Shafi Center 37. Fsmagh/machrek

38. Youth and Environment Coalition 39. Remedial Education Center

40. The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR)

41. Consejo de Educación Popular de América Latina y el Caribe – CEAAL

42. Confederación Intersindical

43. Unión Popular Valle Gómez

44. Daniel Sánchez Negrete



45. Public Aid Society

46. Palestinian Social forum – PSF

47. Alternatives Forum – Palestine

48. Forum des Alternatives Maroc

49. Observatoire Marocain des Libertés Publique

50. Comité pour le development et le patrimoine

51. The Community Development and Media Center

52. Yafa Cultural Center

53. Carlos de Jesús

54. Alternatives International

55. Alternatives

56. INEPE – Ecuador

57. Consejo de Educación Popular de América Latina y El Caribe, colectivo de Ecuador

58. Teachers Creativity Center

59. Elraafa

60. Atfaluna society for deaf children

61. Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions -- ZCTU

62. Syrian Expatriate Medical Association

63. Supporting Palestinian People Rights Association

64. Cultural and Free Thought Association

65. AFKAR Organization for Educational & Cultural Development

66. The Arab Women's Union Society Nablus

67. Arab Agronomists Association

68. Central blood bank society


70. Democracy and Workers' Rights Center in Palestine

71. The Applied Research Insitute of Jerusalem (ARIJ)

72. The Arab Center for Agricultural Development/ ACAD

73. Rural Women Development Society

74. Palestinian Performing Arts Network

75. Wishah

76. Defense for Children International Palestine Section

77. Trades Union Congress Ghana – Halls of Trade Unions

78. Thalassemia Palestinian Friends Society

79. Al Saraya Center for Community Services

80. Health Development, Information, and Policy Institute

81. Palestine Society for Bleeding Disorders

82. Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture

83. Palestinian Counseling Center

84. Women and Family Affairs Center



  1. Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association
  2. Child Care and Mother's Guidance Association
  3. Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association (Asala)
  4. Mothers' School Society
  5. Sawaed
  6. An Najdah
  7. Palestinian Women's Development Center
  8. Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee
  9. Union of Agricultural Work Committees
  10. Palestinian Hydrology Group
  11. Palestinian Farmers Union
  12. Future Builders Forum
  13. Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
  14. Tamer Institute for Community Education
  15. Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society
  16. Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society
  17. Sarreyat Ramallah
  18. PopularArt Center
  19. Youth Development Association
  20. Palestinian Youth Union Association
  21. Wasel Foundation for Youth Development
  22. Save Youth Future Society
  23. Kan'an Association for Youth
  24. Al Awda Center for Childhood and the Youth