QADER graduates its Youth

QADER graduates its Youth
14 December, 2009

In the framework of the celebration of World Day of Disabled Persons, QADER for Community Development has organized a graduation ceremony for its youth; which is composed of fourteen young men and women with disabilities. The graduation was part of "YouthEmpowerment and Leadership Project.” The Ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs Ms. Majida Al Massry, representative of the Italian government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy Ms. Marina Mekonni, the representative of the Italian Cooperation Rita Ricci, the representative of AISPO NGO the Italian partner in the implementation of the project, the Governor of Bethlehem Abdel Fattah Hamayel and a number of representatives of national, civil, governmental and international organizations.

The ceremony was started with the Palestinian National Song by the talented child Sanad Nassar, member of "Together We Draw a Smile" band and a student at Al‐Noor School for the blind.

Lana Bandak, the General Manager of QADER, welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their interest and participation. She reviewed QADER vision and the nature of their work. She emphasized the organization's interest in the youth sector and it’s believe in the underlying capacities of the persons with disabilities. At the national level, she spotlighted the need to work on their creativity and find opportunities to invest the intellectual youth. She noted that the ceremony was held in the anniversary of Human Rights Universal Day, the tenth of December. She confirmed that the promotion and implementation of the principles of human rights must be respected and the protection of human rights of persons with disabilities is critical and has to be urgent in all parts of the world. The participation of persons with disabilities should be increased in their communities to achieve equality and justice.

Afterward, Rita Ritchie, the coordinator of the Italian NGO’s and the Italian Cooperation, assured the Italian cooperation’s interest in Palestine, and especially, in the Gaza community in the fields of development and disabilities. Then, she praised the efforts of QADER and their achievements and commitment to the issues of persons with disabilities. After that, the representative of the Italian Foreign Ministry, Marina Mekonni, expressed her pleasure of the implementation of the projects which directly targeted the young people with disabilities and investing their capabilities and abilities. She pointed to the Italian government's relationship with QADER organization and the need to continue and complete these kinds of projects.

Furthermore, Mahmoud Abu Kamal the coordinator of the project "Empowerment of young leaders," presented a detailed explanation of the project and explained the various stages of its objectives and components and its most important activities.

Awad Abayat, Head of the Disabled Palestinians Federation / Bethlehem Branch, assured the Federation’s interest and gratitude of QADER activities and expressed their interest to cooperate with them.

Besides, Ziad Amro, the Director of the Advocacy and Empowerment Unit at QADER, reviewed the history and the importance of the disability rights movement and empowerment in Palestine. He commended the fundamental shift in the performance of the Ministry of Social Affairs on issues of persons with disabilities and their rights.

Then, Ms. Majida Al Massry, the Minister of Social Affairs, praised QADER’s work and the importance of working with the youth. She announced that the Ministers council located the necessary funds to launch the disabled card. Then, QADER’s youth passed over a draft of the law of the Rights of Disabled Palestinians Amendment Project and memorandum of understanding to the Minister about facilitating the public places of Hebron and Bethlehem.

The ceremony included a number of artistic sections presented by the “Together We Draw a Smile” band. It was followed by QADER artistic band who announced the launching of “Nawina” song.