Production of Motion Video


Request for Quotations

QADER for Community Development is a Palestinian independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit, and rights-based organization focused on disability and inclusion in Palestine. Established in 2008, QADER leads a twin-track approach, dedicated to the empowerment and protection of children, women, and youth with disabilities from marginalization, discrimination, and all forms of disability and gender-based violence. QADER is committed to aligning societal, institutional, and policy contexts with the principles of “disability inclusion” and ‎‎“leave no one behind” in Palestine. Through this alignment, QADER strives to foster its active engagement and meaningful participation across diverse facets of life and to ensure their full entitlements of rights by local laws and international human rights conventions and standards.


QADER is implementing an initiative titled “Support Persons with Disabilities with the Knowledge and Resources to Better Understand and Facilitate their Access to the Labor Market” in partnership with Oxfam and funded by the Government of Canada. Under the framework of this initiative, QADER has developed a web directory where all data relevant to all economic empowerment institutions, including NGOs, incubators, accelerators, hubs, and centers are available on this web directory.


QADER would like to contract a motion graphic designer /production company to produce a motion graphic video to introduce the directory and provide orientation on the services it offers and how to navigate it to benefit from those services.


Interested motion graphic designer /production company may download the solicitation document enclosed to this announcment for full details, and submit an offer accordingly by email to [email protected], no later than 14:00 PM on Saturday 13th of July 2024

 ** Persons with disabilities and women are highly encouraged to apply for this consultancy; QADER for Community Development is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for all **