Production of Media Materials


Request for Quotation

Production of Media Materials for Awareness Campaign on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


QADER is implementing two projects in partnership with Save the Children international, titled “Supporting children and youth with disabilities in oPt” and “Support Persons with Disabilities/ Children with Disabilities better understand and demand their rights, entitlements by law and access to services” with the funding of in partnership with funding of Save The Children- Italy and Save the children – Norway, respectively. The two projects aim to create an enabling environment for children with disabilities (CwD) and their families to access rights and services and enjoy fundamental rights and freedoms. It also works towards empowering duty bearers to provide services and strengthening the community-based mechanisms to ensure access and reach by children with disabilities and their families.

In the framework of the awareness campaign on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to enhance awareness and knowledge on the barriers and discriminatory practices affecting CwD/PwD, and enhanced awareness of the rights and entitlements of persons with disabilities within the two projects, QADER intends to contract a qualified media company to produce highly quality media materials

Interested companies can download the solicitation document from ABOVE and submit their offer accordingly.

Offers shall be submitted to QADER’s office in Beit Jala, in a Sealed Envelope no later 13:00 PM. Thursday 20th of January 2022.