Civic Coalition for the monitoring the legislative process

It is a coordinating body that includes a number of Palestinian civil society human rights institutions, aiming to create an organized mechanism for community oversight of the legislative process. It should also be noted that the Coalition is an independent body that is not linked to the presence or absence of the Legislative Council, and therefore is not a substitute for it. However, the absence of the Legislative Council adds a greater burden on the Coalition, given the absence of the authentic legislative authority, which is supposed to be a platform for managing dialogues. community and harmonizing conflicting and different interests so that laws are issued in a way that reflects and takes into account these interests.

The Coalition seeks to supervise the legislative process in a way that makes its outputs compatible with the public interest. It is an observer of legislation and not a partner in it. The Coalition does not seek to legitimize the process of making laws in the absence of a legislator. It also opposes excessive enactment of laws and legislation that must be It is confined to cases of non-deferrable necessity and does not affect or conflict with the laws passed by the Legislative Council.